FINRA enables investors and firms to participate in the market with confidence by safeguarding its integrity. We deploy deep expertise, leading technology and extensive market intelligence to serve as the first line of oversight for the brokerage industry - all at no cost to taxpayers.

FINRA INVEST We bring to the market a coherent team of highly talented professionals,financial experts, analysts and real professionals who are masters of their trade and have been into crypto currency & Forex market for more than 8 years. We are very proud to state that our client base cuts across financial institutions, individuals, and several other corporate institutions. We are determined to provide the best service to our clients and deliver a very lucrative source of income to our investors.

TRUSTED investment service, Our mission is to support the Adoption, Growth and Long term success of our services … Created to fulfill your dreams.


FINRA INVEST Managers aggressively pursue the best financing options in capital markets worldwide. Whether providing trade financing, project financing or contract financing, when we combine deal structure, enhanced due diligence and best in class financing we deliver financing solutions that are consistently among the best in the world .Along With our dedicated and experienced team of traders, We are able to provide massive returns from trading on forex, Foreign Exchange,Stock, Binary, Crypto-Currency and NFT Markets daily.

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Affiliate Program

We provide affiliate program for earn You can earn additional 10% - 15% income by participating in the affiliate program It’s easy and fast to start getting profit from an affiliate program and it’s totally free. All you have to do is to share our project idea with other people by sharing your affiliate link, which is available in your personal account.

Present our project to your friends, family, or any other community, advertise & promote it everywhere and enjoy 15% financial benefits. You don't even need an active deposit to receive affiliate commission.


Investment Products


We have selected the top 20 cryptocurrencies into our crypto assets, and these selection have the highest performance..


Our Forex instrument contains 50+ FX currency pairs that are best performers and with favorable volatility.

Stocks & ETFs

We have selected over 3,000 stocks from Blue chips or new IPOs, great US markets and local European exchanges.


We have analyzed and selected over 120 Options which give our portfolio great leverage for profit over 80% of the trades.


Precious metals are included in our assets as spot traded commodities, via multiple instruments, with over 10 forex crosses.


Over 500 futures varieties from commodities to bonds on markets like CME, LIFFE, EUREX or FORTS, etc.

Best Professional Solutions for Your Investment.

Stay ahead of others, and in constant profit, with our award-winning investment experience. We've earned our place at the top, serving investors like you.

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Finra invest offers you a very unique plan structured with simplicity

Premium Account Investment Plans



After 24 Hours
  • Min: $50 USD
  • Max: $500 USD
  • ROI: 15%
  • Duration: After 24 Hours
  • Principle : Included
  • 24/7 Support



After 24 Hours
  • Min: $1,O00 USD
  • Max: $4,999 USD
  • ROI: 30%
  • Duration: After 24 Hours
  • Principle : Included
  • 24/7 Support



After 48 Hours
  • Min: $5,000 USD
  • Max: $15,000 USD
  • ROI: 50%
  • Duration: After 48 Hours
  • Principle : Included
  • 24/7 Support



After5 Days
  • Min: $20,000 USD
  • Max: $500,000 USD
  • ROI: 100%
  • Duration: After5 Days
  • Principle : Included
  • 24/7 Support

Business Account Investment Plans



Daily For 5 Days
  • Min: $1,000 USD
  • Max: $5,000 USD
  • ROI: 19.5%
  • Duration: Daily For 5 Days
  • Principle : Included
  • 24/7 Support



Daily For 7 Days
  • Min: $7,O00 USD
  • Max: $20,000 USD
  • ROI: 22.5%
  • Duration: Daily For 7 Days
  • Principle : Included
  • 24/7 Support



Daily For 10 Days
  • Min: $20,000 USD
  • Max: $50,000 USD
  • ROI: 30%
  • Duration: Daily For 10 Days
  • Principle : Included
  • 24/7 Support



Daily For 20 Days
  • Min: $50,000 USD
  • Max: $1,000,000 USD
  • ROI: 50%
  • Duration: Daily For 20 Days
  • Principle : Included
  • 24/7 Support

Note: Your compound interest can be reinvested if you want every end of the week after generating daily profits. And your invested capital is been returned to your total earnings every end of the month which enables you withdraw your profits and your invested capital together.

Enjoy Dedicated managers

Every Investor with an active account is assigned an investent manager who guides you and ensures that your portfolio is well managed.

Our managers are well trained and experienced in customer relations, and are expert investors themselves. No client is left in the dark.

We ensure that investors are not left in the dark about the performance of their portfolio. In addition to a robust back office from where you can monitor your investment, you have a live manager you can always talk to.

If you have inquiries about how to start, or just want more information, kindly fill the form and get valuable feedback.

Quickly provide us with your contact and one of our advisors will contact you, ready to answer any questions you might have concerning our services and investment options.

Consultation is free after you have created an account with us.


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After opening your free account, the next thing is to select a plan that matches your budget, as well as your financial objectives.

If you don't find a plan that suits your, just reach out to one of our available advisors, and they'll help you set up fast and easy.

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Funding your account has been made fast and easy. All you have to do is request the payment account and make the deposit. As soon as your deposit is confirmed, your profit starts to count.

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With a minimum Principal of $5,000 you can invest in our NFTs & METAVERSE PLAY TO EARN account to generate 10% DAILY in your Finra invest wallet. To make your investment,go to "NFT/METERVERSE" in your Finra invest wallet, Enter the amount you wish to invest and click on "INVEST" .
our NFTs & METAVERSE PLAY TO EARN account, we guarantee a 300% return on investment in 30 DAYS. This is because we have all it takes to leverage the NFT ecosystem. (Play-ToEarn, NFTs Royalties, Minting Infrastructure trading and Investments over short and long term)

Learn More About NFTs & METAVERSE

What Investors Are Saying


FINRA INVEST Empowers individuals with the knowledge, skills and tools to make sound financial decisions in life. A key part of our investment philosophy is a culture of challenge and diversity of opinion and focus’s on providing the best financial services to our customers and clients, in over 60 countries worldwide. This transition is fundamentally re-shaping risk and return dynamics across all sectors and asset classes. We believe this ‘sustainability revolution’ has become one of the most important drivers of risk and return.


FINRA INVEST is vertically integrated multi-asset, world-class,top-10 listed TRADING exchange INVESTMENTcompany Offering listings, trading, clearing settlement, technical and information services, and other post-trade services, FINRA operates Australia's premier equity market,the largest interest rate derivatives market in Asia and and have a large experience of the investment Industry and energy, commodity markets.

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We believe in the future of blockchain technology. All cryptocurrencies are blockchain based, secure and ensure the impossibility of fraud. They also facilitate cross border transactions and trading because of a reduced need for middlemen. Cryptocurrency also offers a viable alternative to traditional fiat, for clients who seek to hedge their wealth against the pitfalls of a global economic downturn.


The foreign exchange (FOREX) market offers many advantages. Firstly, it is so large, that no single entity can control and manage the volume of transactions, or the market price. Hence, the margins are thin, and the chances of extreme price drops are low. Also, the volume of trade (about $5.1 trillion dollars yearly) and low entry barrier allows trading to be done at any scale. With the aid of technology and experienced traders, FINRA INVEST takes advantage of these margins by putting calls and picking pairs which yield returns on investments.


Investing in minerals and commodities offers the possibility of high returns, if market fundamentals are understood. As experts in these areas, we understand the commodities market, which is widely considered as a hedge against inflation. Also, mineral resources such as oil, gold, silver and copper have proven to be high demand high-returns resources. The unique standing of Oil within the world’s economic and political sectors, including its volatility, allow us produce consistent returns for short term swing trades and long term timing strategies. Also, we’re invested in finding oppurtunities in alternative energy sectors. By taking advantage of our knowledge and research, clients can increase wealth exponentially.


At FINRA INVEST, we trade only assets which offer high returns and maximize value. Our diverse range of options provide clients with access to financial instruments such as stocks and corporate debentures which yield returns consistently. We have access to data from the major stock market exchanges; NYSE and NASDAQ, direct liquidity pricing and real time information, all of which help us make informed decisions. We also invest in major market indices including S&P 500, NASDAQ Composite, FTSE 100, DJIA, Nikkei 225, Hang Seng, and many more. These give our clients a diverse range of companies to choose from, including in the technology, healthcare, services, energy and manufacturing sector.


We invest in the best Real Estate ETF providers to give our clients the best investment avenue to the global Real Estate market. Real Estate ETFs have a broad exposure to the real estate market, and invest in RIFTs, Service Firms and Real Estate Development Companies, which historically offer good returns. Some of these Real Estate ETFs of choice include SPDR DOW Jones RIFT ETF, Schwab U.S RIFT ETF, Dow Jones International Real Estate ETFs, amongst others. We offer access to cutting edge RIFT ETFs and global real estate market segments.

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