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The futures market originated in the commodities industry. It was farmers, miners and oil producers who wanted to manage the risk of not knowing the price they would get for their product in the future. This gave birth to the futures contract. Essentially, the seller of a futures contract would agree to sell a fixed quantity of a certain commodity on a particular day in the future to whomever wanted to buy the contract. The price of this contract would depend on the demand from buyers, as well as the supply from other sellers.

Investment Strategies

Personal Trading

Here are four effective strategies for trading Futures, if you want to trade yourselsf:

  • The Pullback Strategy
  • Going Long
  • Breakout Trading
  • Spread Trading

Futures trading is fraught with risk; discipline can be the difference between huge profits and devastating losses. The strategy you choose will guide your decision making, and you shouldn’t let emotions get in the way of making appropriate trading decisions.

Managed Investing

The narrative is the same as with other instruments and assets. having an investment company manage your trades and investment gives you peace of mind, and the time and freedom to do anything you want to do with your family and loved ones. That's why FINRA INVEST is here.

Key Benefits of Investing in Precious Metals
Futures are openly traded on public exchanges like the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. As they are frequently bought and sold by institutional investors and commercial companies, the pricing reflects the underlying market very closely. With CFDs, the price is calculated from the underlying futures market and then adjusted to accommodate the fees of the broker. These could be minimal or large in liquid markets, but higher in more exotic markets that are not traded as often.
Commissions for futures contracts tend to be quite low in the larger markets. This makes it ideal for large quantity traders, due to the savings costs. However, as you will find out below, trading futures requires much more starting capital compared with CFDs.